Thermography of a processor.

Transparent prints: Gelatin silver acetate support laminated on plexiglass.
12 pieces, 9x9cm.

Lithophany: 3D prints of analysis models.

These experiments, developed in collaboration with Pierre Kerfriden (SIMS - Centre des matériaux, Mines Paris), use thermography to capture the physical imprint and energetic trace of computational processes.

The computational activity of a system is made sensitive by the thermal imprint of its components. The machine's energy trace is recorded by a thermal camera. The images are then processed by an image analysis algorithm. The heat diffusion images generated by the analysis process are then reintroduced into the algorithm. The system forms a loop. Thermography, here, is a way of highlighting the physical friction established between software and hardware.

Project developed within the SACRe-PSL /EnsAD doctoral program.