Le poids des données

A program combining public thesis defense, exhibition, workshops and conference

Centre Pompidou, Paris - Solo show

[10.23.2023 - 10.29.2023]

Raphaëlle Kerbrat presents works from her PhD in visual arts: Le Poids des Données. Paradoxes matériels et sensibles du numérique. For this purpose, she renews the formats of academic publication, through a program combining public defense, exhibition, workshops and conferences, with artistic experiments.


Photos credits: Agathe Charrel

SACRe Festival

État des lieux: 10 years of experimentation between research and creation

Gaîté Lyrique, Paris - Group show

[11.16.2023 - 11.19.2023]

The doctoral research-creation program "SACRe: Sciences, Art, Creation, Research" is celebrating its 10th anniversary, with a selection of multi-disciplinary artistic projects covering visual arts, design, music, theater, cinema, as well as art history and theory.


Curator: Valentine Busquet
Graphic design: Studio double
Photo credits: Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria

Fait Machine

Code_____sur le fil

Musée International des Arts Modestes, Sète - Group show

[02.17.2023 - 11.12.2023]

The MIAM presents Fait Machine, an exhibition devoted to digital forms and transformation of code into matter, or how artists have appropriated digital tools, hijacked processes and machines to create their works.


Curators: Margherita Balzerani & Noëlig Le Roux

Accès)s( #22 festival

Design des signes, de l’œuvre à l’usage

Le Bel Ordinaire, Pau - Group show

[10.08.2022 - 11.26.2022]

Through a multi-faceted program (exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances...), the accès)s( #22 festival celebrates artists who explore the object, its different mediums and concepts, and who play with porosity/design.


Curator: Jean-Jacques Gay
Graphic design: La maison des éditions - Julien Bidoret, Benjamin Lahitte
Photo credits: Chloé Mossessian

Paysages (Im)matériels

SIANA, l'immaginaire des technologies

A.N.A.S, Évry-Courcouronnes - Solo show

[11.18.2021 - 12.17.2021]

An exhibition of Raphaelle Kerbrat's work organized by SIANA, as part of the "Exploring the Invisible" event, conceived by the Exoplanète Terre network as the arts-sciences sequence of the Némo Biennial.


Curator: Filipe Pais
Light design: Annie Leuridan
Graphic design: Arp is Arp

Jeune Création

71th edition of the festival

Fondation Fiminco, Paris - Group show

[05.29.2021 - 06.13.2021]

The exhibition brings together the work of 46 international contemporary artists chosen by their peers, as well as a varied program organized by some of the exhibition's artists. An excellent opportunity for artists, professionals and art lovers to meet, Jeune Création is a platform for sharing and mutual projects.


L'hectare et la grenouille

Espace Voltaire, Paris - Group show

[04.02.2021 - 04.11.2021]

L'Hectare et la grenouille presents the work of 9 artists from the Ateliers Voltaire. Invited to curate their recent creations, Elora Weill-Engerer proposed a dialogue between their works and those of three other artists. Based on a parodic title by La Fontaine, L'hectare et la grenouille conjures up pairs of notions that collide and combine in the artworks: the large and the small, science and nature, man and animal.


Curator: Elora Weill-Engerer

Hors Pistes Festival

L'écologie des images

Centre Pompidou, Paris - Group show

[02.01.2021 - 02.14.2021]

Can we imagine and practice an ecology of images? Can we replace conquering images with artist's visions in the form of omens, alerting us to the dangers and possibilities of a planetary transformation whose effects are yet to come?


Curator: Gèraldine Gomez
Collective project realized with Fossilation team
Photo credits: Samuel Bianchini

Salon de Montrouge

64th edition

Le Beffroi, Montrouge - Group show

[04.29.2019 - 05.22.2019]

Now one of the major events in the French capital's contemporary art season, the Salon de Montrouge confirms its position as an essential meeting place for emerging artists and contemporary issues.


Curators: Ami Barak et Marie Gautier
Photo credits: Matthieu Camille Colin

Nous ne sommes pas le nombre que nous croyons être

Cité internationnale des arts, Paris - Group show

[02.02.2018 - 02.03.2018]

This event will bring together hundreds of artists, researchers and working groups from a variety of geographical and disciplinary backgrounds, for a unique 36-hour experience. They will take over several areas of the Cité internationale des arts in Paris, a living place open to dialogue between cultures, inviting visitors to reflect on the present and together sketch out paths for the future.